CRC Tattoo Removal

$150 (1 session)

CRC Tatoo Remover I + II system has a gradual destructive effect on the pigment. Remover I has a low pH, it contains phytic acid and extract of Emblica. Remover II initiates tissue repair.

The remover is very effective yet gentle to skin the procedure is performed very superficial and is not as traumatic as other removers.

This method eliminates the possibility of scarring, it is completely bloodless and you can apply makeup 24 hours after the procedure.

No anesthesia required! Due to minimal penetration of the epidermal layer of skin.

CRC Tatoo Remover I+II System is result oriented as it lifts the ink out of the skin with the natural healing process.

CRC Tatoo Removal System is a safe method therefore no hypo- or hyperpigmentation. The area can be exposed to the sun once completely healed.

The Remover does not change tattoo green during the removal process.

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