Ombre Powder Brows Refresher's Training Course

Ombre Powder Brows | Refresher's Course

This training course is designed for artists who have already received basic training in Permanent Makeup but are not satisfied with their work or the training they have taken.

If you want to gain confidence and correct your mistakes, join our 2-day Refresher’s Training Course. During this training, we will correct the most common mistakes that new masters have after poor fundamental training courses, such as proper hand positioning, shading technique, and proper skin stretching.

During the course you will have individual attention (all our trainings are conducted in small groups), mentorship during your first 12 months - you will be able to bring your model and work under the supervision of educator or just pop in and watch the procedure done by our experienced artist and ask your questions, so you don't feel left behind after the training!

Course Outline

Day One
Shading - Practice on paper
Eyebrows – types of faces, how to do measurements, shape pre-drawing
Practice brow shaping on paper
Practice sketch drawing
Practice shading on artificial skin
Day Two
Practice on Artificial Skin
Common Mistakes / Do’s and Don’ts
Hands-on Practice on Live Model 1
Hands-on Practice on Live Model 2
Photo Editing Tips
Questions and Answers

Why Us?

• Our approach is “Less theory, more practical knowledge”
• Individual approach - only 2 students in each group
• You get only relevant and important information based on Instructor's practical experience
• We will correct improper hand positioning
• Will teach you how to understand on which skin depth you should work
• Will discuss the most common mistakes
• Will teach you how to shade without spots and deepening

Our Advantage