Ombre Powder Brows | Fundamental Course

Ombre Powder Brows | Fundamental Course

This course is designed for those who are interested in starting their Permanent Makeup Career and would like to test their skills and abilities.

Fundamental training course at our Academy is very intensive and limited to a maximum of 4 participants per class. By restricting the class size, we can guarantee personalized attention and the highest quality of instruction for each participant.

Course Outline

Day One
• Intro to PMU
• Skin Anatomy
• PMU Application
• PMU Devices and Needles
• Anesthetics
• Sanitation and Sterilization
• Room Equipment
• Shading - Practice on Paper
Day Two
• Eyebrows – types of faces, how to do measurements, shape pre-drawing
• PMU procedure instructions
• Practice sketch on faces
• Practice brow shaping on paper
• Practice shading and strokes on artificial skin
Day Three
• Color and Pigment Theory, Color Correction
• Practice on Artificial Skin
• Hands-on Practice on Live Model 1
• Common Mistakes / Do’s and Don’ts
• Questions and Answers
Day Four
• Practice on Artificial Skin
• Hands-on Practice on Live Model 2
• Bloodborne Pathogens
• Products Review
• Services Marketing – How to start your own business

Why Us?

• Our approach is “Less theory, more practical knowledge”
• Individual approach - a maximum of 4 students in each group
• You get only relevant and important information based on Instructor's practical experience
• You will learn a proper hand positioning which is the key to the success in Permanent Makeup Industry
• Will teach you how to understand on which skin depth you should work
• Will discuss the most common mistakes
• Will teach you how to shade without spots and deepening
• You will gain confidence and skills and be ready to start your new career right after the training

Our Advantage